Basic Questions

What if I have a technical problem with registration or login?


How do I access my course?

When you log in, you should see the course on your dashboard. If not, you may need to register for the course from "Find New Courses".

What if I have a technical problem with course access?

Check if you have registered already.Check if the course is available to students.Check the course start date.

When does my course start?

You can find the start date on its course description page.Course timing is flexible; you do not need to log in exactly when the course begins.

What time is the class?

Courses take place at your convenience. Lectures and assignments are available 24 hours a day, which means you can watch videos and complete work whenever you have time. Simply log in to your course and work through the course material. While assignments and exams often have due dates, these are designed to offer enough lead time that you can easily schedule your work.

How can I find/meet other students?

All courses have discussion forums where you can chat with and help other students.

About Courses

How much work will I have to do to pass my course?

The projected hours of study required for each course are usually included on the course description page. If they are not listed, please check your syllabus or course discussion forum when your course begins.


All questions regarding grading and course content are best addressed in your course discussion forum. It is there that course staff can directly read and respond to your query

Do courses have transcripts or captions?


How do I unenroll from a course?

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Can I take more than one course at a time?

Yes! You may take multiple courses. We recommend checking the requirements on each course description page to balance your available study hours and the demands of the intended courses.

A course I am interested in has already started. Can I still enroll?

Yes, you can still enroll! However, you will not be able to turn in any assignments or exams that are past due.